Are rising private school fees pushing out the middle classes?

It has long been assumed that, for parents in well-paid professions, there would always be an opportunity to fund a private school education for their children. Indeed, many of us have long associated private schools with the children of doctors and lawyers.

However, one of the big concerns for parents today is how to finance private education. School fees have risen by approximately 400% since 1990. It has even been reported that those in well-paid middle-class professions, such as accountancy and law, are now less able to afford a private education for their children than manual workers were in the early 1990s.

With the ever increasing cost of school fees there have been serious concerns that private schools risk pricing out the middle classes. Recent studies suggest that professionals could be spending at least 50% of their income paying for private education.

When other living costs and outgoings are taken into account, a private school education may seem like a pipe dream to many people. If this pressure on the middle class finances continues, private school education will become increasingly beyond the reach of many hard working families.

At Secta, we want to increase the opportunity of a private education and make it more widely available and more affordable. Private schools offer many benefits to children and Secta is able to help parents make those benefits available to their children.

Secta has developed specific finance plans that are tailored for parents who already have children in private education or are considering private eduaction for their children. Our finance plans enable parents to spread the cost of private school fees and make affordable monthly payments over many years rather than termly lump sums. By removing the financial pressure of school fees, parents are then able to make better decisions on the type of education they want to provide for their children.

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