Is there a better way to pay for private education?

Private schools are an option that many parents consider for their children in order to ensure that they get the best education possible. However, a large challenge involved in the decision-making process is cost. The average cost of private education has reached £17,000 per year. This cost is even greater for boarding school, with the average fees at £11,228 per term, equating to more than £30,000 per year.

The financial pressure associated with paying private school fees can put a strain on families who have to navigate many other costs for their children. It can also put pressure on the schools themselves who have to put a lot of resource into collecting late payments.

With the rising costs of school fees, the affordability of private education is a real challenge to many families. However, parents should feel reassured that there are now options available to help manage the affordability of a private education.

Secta provides a simple and more manageable approach toschool fees. We have partnered with a number of highly reputable lenders to create a range of finance products that assist parents with the payment of  school fees.

Rather than paying school fees in termly or annual lump sums, which can be difficult, our finance plans enable parents to make provision for their children’s school fees and to repay those plans with affordable, monthly payments over a period of up to 30 years. This helps to relieve pressure for both parents and schools, and it means that schools make parents aware of potential alternatives for managing school fees.

If you are looking for financial help for private school fees and you’d like to find out more about the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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