Private school scholarships

In an earlier blog post, we explored how the middle classes are becoming less able to afford the rising prices of private school fees. This means that low-income families have been even more excluded from considering private school for their children. However, are available at many private schools as well as bursaries and other government initiatives.

Scholarships are typically available to children who are considered to be gifted or talented in a particular area. These areas can range from sport to music to academia, and they are available at most private schools. The option of applying for a private school scholarship is a particularly good idea for low-income families when they have a child who is particularly talented. Such scholarships will often be partly or fully financed and they are mutually beneficial to the child and the school.

Grants and Bursaries
While scholarships are talent-based, bursaries are also available to children in low-income families. Often, parents wish to send their children to private school because they believe it is the best way for them to develop and achieve. Many private schools will offer bursaries to help families with part of the school fees. In most cases, you won’t be required to pay this money back, but there availability is obviously limited.

Government Initiatives
In the past, the government has run initiatives with private schools to offer free places to children from low-income families. These may not be widely available, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for government initiatives that might help you to finance a private school education.

Secta Finance
If you are unable to obtain a scholarship or a bursary then private education for your child can still be a very real possibility. Our finance plans could help you spread the cost of school fees so that they become a manageable option.

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