Oh, how I miss school cricket

Looking back at my time at Cheltenham College, I know exactly what I miss most; the range and quality of the sports facilities. Yes, I miss my school years. I made great friends there and I still see them all today. I miss the strong connection to the school, but that has been replaced in other ways (family life, work life, city life etc.). What has changed though is that I no longer get the opportunity bowl on a county standard wicket! 

I remember Saturday’s in the summer, sitting in the maths block, smelling the cut grass as the groundsmen prepared the grounds for a day of cricket. It was so exciting. You would finish the lesson and get straight to it; whites on, parents arrive and the match begins!

As a kid, you knew it was great, special even. Everything and everyone, looked perfect; the wicket, the outfield and the pavilion. Win or lose, it was awesome and I can vividly remember being there now, ball in hand. I find myself wishing I was still there, doing it again.

Now, when I play cricket, it’s certainly different from my school days. I mostly play in London parks, in a social league. It’s great fun, but getting everyone to turn up on time and in the correct kit is a battle, and playing on patchy grass or on an AstroTurf wicket is now my new normal.

Becoming a little nostalgic, I realise never had it so good than when I was at school and probably won’t again, at least not on any regular basis. Cheltenham College was where it all started – it gave me a love for the game and I miss those days greatly. I write this whilst watching Joe Root hit 218 against India!

Mr N. (former pupil of Cheltenham College)

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