The benefits of a private education

Many parents decide to choose private school as the option for their children’s education. Although the reasoning for each parent is personal, there are a number of opportunities that a private education can offer. Regardless of political leanings, most parents acknowledge that private education offers many advantages over a state education. We have outlined some of those advantages below.

Personal development
Teachers and staff at private schools are able to work closely with students to help them with their personal development as well as their academic studies. Such development may involve setting goals, teaching key social skills and ensuring children have an understanding of their responsibilities in society.

Superb facilities
One of the more obvious benefits in a private school is the exceptional facilities that children will have available to them. From state-of-the-art sporting facilities to excellent music and drama centres, private schools can nurture the passions and talents of all children by providing them with the tools for development.

Smaller class sizes
Private schools generally have far smaller class sizes than state schools, which means children are able to receive more support and more attention in lessons. A quieter classroom means that children can become more confident and more willing to participate.

Academic success
Children attending private school are likely to enjoy greater academic success, greater university access and greater career prospects after graduating. The academic success is particularly noticeable in sixth form education.

Career prospects
Private schools provide their students with extensive university and careers guidance and advice to enlighten them on the many opportunities and options available. The enhanced prospects of children who have had the benefit of a private education is well documented.

Parental experience
Parental involvement is actively encouraged by private schools and communication between parents and teachers is excellent. Parents are involved in every step of their children’s journey and are always central to major decisions about their children’s education.

Sporting opportunities
While state schools often have limited sportng facilities, one of the benefits of private school is that they typically offer a more extensive range of activities. They also encourage students to become involved in team sports and competitions, nurturing every child’s talents.

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