Secured homeowner loans to suit your circumstances

Our two plans offer you choice and flexibility for whatever you’re looking to achieve.

Secta Flexiplan

Powered by Selina Finance, this flexible plan works like a bank overdraft. Access the funds you need and only pay interest on the amount you drawdown.

  • Borrow from £25k – £250k
  • Up to 85% LTV

Secta Advance Plan

With an Advance Plan, the full amount of your loan is available upfront. You then make regular, fixed monthly repayments throughout your chosen term (5 to 35 years).

  • Borrow from £10k – £1m
  • Up to 100% LTV

Why choose Secta?

We’re a specialist broker that makes borrowing clear, simple, and easy to understand.

Repayment terms of up to 35 years for school fee finance and homeowner loans.

Flexible borrowing options where you only pay interest on what you drawdown.

Our affordable and fixed broker’s fee of £795 – £1,495, is one of the lowest on the market.

Our experience allows us to find you the best product quickly, saving you time and leaving you feeling confident.

Plans that are simple to arrange and manage. Get set up and access funds in 4-6 weeks.

Highly qualified advisers that are authorised and regulated to give professional and impartial advice.


  • A second-charge mortgage is a type of loan in which the borrower pledges their home as security for the repayment. As they have relatively low risk, lenders are generally more willing to make larger loans at much lower interest rates and over longer terms than they would with unsecured loans.

  • As long as you own a property with equity in it, you’ll be eligible to apply.

  • It’s a matter of personal choice – and individual circumstances. The Advance Plan may offer to lend you more due to differences in lending criteria for the lenders for each finance plan. Overall, if the Flexiplan offers you sufficient funds, its flexibility ensures that you only ever pay for the funds you need at any time, maximising its cost efficiency.

  • A remortgage can be a sensible solution, but for many, it can be expensive. Our finance plans can sit alongside your existing mortgage. As we are authorised by the FCA to give professional and impartial advice, we will consider the best option for you (including a remortgage) before making a recommendation.